Okay. So you’ve been successful. You set up an interview with your family member and have the day set on the calendar. Before the day approaches, there are a few things you need to do, the first to choose your audience.

Tell them you need to determine who will be the future audience. This defines how ‘openly’ they can share. Is it going to be just for the children? Or will it be for the grandchildren too? Or is it for all aunts and uncles, friends, etc.

My advice is to make a documentary just for the children and grandchildren: it will allow them to be fully open and there is plenty of overlap with friends and other relatives.

I have found many of clients have spoken openly about their lives, sharing the stories, cultural traditions, and values they want remembered to be remembered most. Don’t gloss over the ‘hard parts’ as life isn’t all roses. But warn them first.

Remember. If there are questions that don’t pertain to the children and grandchildren, still ask them and record the answers. Keep those questions/answers separate for the future. You may end up making a second or third version at some point. Choosing your audience will be important for every version.

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