Our Services

We preserve your family stories, traditions and legacy; defying historian claims that we will all be forgotten in three generations.

With a combination of introspective interviewing, award-winning videography, photography and photo restoration, and graphic design skills; we put together a moving portrait that your family will cherish generation after generation.

As a full-service video production company, we provide filming for all of your life events including Anniversaries, Weddings, B-Days, and other Life Events.  


Life Legacy Video Options



Tier One Subscription

$25 for 3 Months

Includes: Answers to your specific questions by email.  Includes the provision of resources to help you with your project.

Tier Two Subscription

 $300 for 3 months

Includes: Answers to your questions by email plus two (2) 30-minute One-On-One sessions via Zoom or Skype per month for three months. Six sessions.

Gold Package

Investment: $2,500

Interview Sessions with provided background information from family. Thirty minutes X 4 sessions.  All Footage uploaded to the Cloud, organized into chronological folders.  Final portrait video from the interviews with titles, simple banners, and music. Zoom-based interviews.

We provide the ‘Life Legacy Box’ to the family to submit photographs (60 photos, up to 5 min total video clips from your video/film collection), We scan, crop, and edit photos before returning them. Images are integrated into the video.  30-40 minute final video. Digital Upload.

Platinum Package

Investment: $4,000

All of Tier 1. Thirty minutes X 8 sessions (or 1 hr X 4).  Integration of up to 250 Photographs and 10 min total of video clips from your video/film collection. We can source stock footage of historical sites, life events, etc. 40-45 minute final video. Digital Upload and DVDs (4 Copies included with special gift box).

Custom Package

If neither of these options fit what you’re looking for, we will custom create something that is perfect for your needs and budget.