What was your first car?

In 1985, while living in Denton Texas, I bought my first car from my friend Jacquie Guthrie’s Sister (forgot her name).

It was tremendous.  This car had power.  For an 18 yr old living in wild texas, out on his own, roaring down the open roads of Texas was a dream come true.

It wasn’t the prettiest car, nothing like the picture I’m sharing.  It was a light blue color (my first four cars were all a different shade of blue).  Also, it has no gas gauge and no heater/defroster.

In later years, this would require me to often drive with my head outside of the window and I had to be diligent about recording my mileage between fill-ups.

Whenever I ran out of gas, this was often, I would throw the gears in neutral and see how far I could coast.  More times than not, I could coast right into a gas station.  On some occasions, I would have to push the car (by myself) up hill to the pump.

So much fun!

When I moved back to Illinois in late 1985 and met Bobbi, running out of gas on a cold, snowy night had a romantic feel to it.  After all, she still married me.

My car lost a batter with a brand new 1986 Chrysler New Yorker on Northwest Hwy just south of Barrington while I was on my way back from a Dentist’s office with a case for the Dental Lab where I worked.

My last memory is having the crippled car towed to the junk yard.  I can clearly see it being removed from our driveway on Bristol Lane.

This was a great car and served me well for many years.

What was your first car?